Advanced Foot & Ankle Winter Newsletter

Winter Weather is (Still) Afoot

You might have thought the worst of winter was behind you, but last week was one of the coldest in Tennessee history! When winter weather strikes (and strikes again…) sprains, fractures, and even breaks, are not uncommon.

If you injure your foot or ankle navigating this winter wonderland, make sure you seek care as quickly as possible at the clinic nearest you. In the meantime, decrease pain and swelling with rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE). Be sure to immobilize the joint and avoid putting any weight on the joint until we can assess the severity of the injury.

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Giveaways & Special Events

retief-taylorJoin AFACC on Facebook for opportunities to win prizes and to keep up with our community events. You never know when the next Zappo’s gift card or Orthotics giveaway might pop up!

Bert Taylor (pictured left with Dr. Retief) is our most recent winner. He brought home a $75 Zappos giftcard just for liking Advanced Foot & Ankle’s Facebook page!

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High Heels: “Pleasure with Pain”

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but some women might still be feeling the effects of those fancy stilettos they wore to dinner! As designer Christian Louboutin puts it, high heels are “pleasure with pain”.  Not interested in all that pain? Finding the right insert might be the solution.

Cushioned inserts can reduce pressure on the balls of your feet and rid you of that familiar burning sensation. Inserts specifically made for high heels (with good arch support) can combat foot fatigue. Even with the proper insert, remember that heels are like dessert: partake sparingly!

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