Winter Foot Care


As summer ends and temperatures drop, those of us who wish to remain active outdoors during the colder months need to:

  • Wear shoes with good grip, integrity, & support
  • Account for thicker-warmer socks when picking a shoe
  • Wear appropriate socks with well fitting shoes to prevent moisture & blistering
  • Warm up & stretch adequately before exercise
  • Shorten strides for increased stability in slippery conditions when running

To prevent injuries, keep in mind:

  • Running on slippery surfaces without adequate grip can lead to injury
  • Running shoes that are excessively tight/constrictive may lead to ingrown nails & skin damage
  • Cold weather can decrease flexibility & increase risk of injury

Appropriate clothing during winter exercise is also crucial to prevent possible hypothermia, frostbite, and other winter exercise related issues. Layering should be our best friend when braving the cold weather to get exercise.

Diabetic Foot Care In The Fall & Winter

During the colder months diabetic foot care becomes more important due potential problems from the moisture, cold, and dryness. Here are some tips to keep top of mind:

  • Lower temperatures can enhance neuropathy & numbness causing sores, blisters, and trauma to the foot
  • Maintaining warm & dry feet is of utmost importance
  • Dry feet can lead to cracking, then skin breakdown, & eventually wounds, but daily cleaning & moisturizing with lotion can help stave off dry feet issues
  • As always, diabetics must maintain control over their blood sugar levels
  • Keep nails trimmed straight across (may be done after showering when nails are softer)

Diabetic footwear during the winter months should follow basic principles of comfort, fit, and protection from the elements:

  • Seasonal footwear should provide adequate padding, room, & protection from the cold
  • The toe of your footwear should be rounded to allow all the toes to wiggle freely
  • Make sure your footwear uses materials that don’t trap excess moisture to maintain dry/warm feet

Whether it’s diabetic foot care or just seasonal concerns, Advanced Foot & Ankle’s podiatrists can help you with all your cold weather needs and questions. Schedule your appointment today at one of our four Middle Tennessee locations.

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