Tips For Running With Flat Feet

Running is a favorite pastime here in Middle Tennessee – sometimes it seems we’re hosting a 5k or marathon every weekend! With numerous running clubs and a generally active population, that probably won’t change any time soon. While there’s no denying that running is a fantastic form of exercise, it can also take a toll on your feet and body – especially if you have flat feet.

`Runners with flat feet are prone to pain and discomfort if preventative measures are not taken when running. 

To help runners with flat feet stay active, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you avoid injury. Many of these tips apply to everyone, not just those with flat feet. 

Tips for runners with flat feet:

  1. Seek pronation type running shoes – unless wearing orthotics (in which case neutral is the preferable type).
  2. Always wear appropriate sized shoes – keep in mind different brands can run small or large! If you’re unsure of your foot size it’s always worth a trip to your local running store to be measured.
  3. Achilles’ tendon stretching exercises are an integral part of injury prevention, especially AFTER running. Always finish a run with a stretching session.
  4. Beware of banked roads. Running for prolonged periods on an angled surface can cause a number of issues in the the feet, knees, and hips.
  5. Replace shoes every 300 miles.

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