The Right Shoes For You

Purchasing the proper shoes can be a frustrating process. Each person’s feet are unique and various differences in their feet can affect both fit and comfort.

Sport specific shoes can help reduce injury and increase performance for athletes. Diabetic patients suffering from poor circulation and neuropathy in their feet actually require specialized diabetic footwear.

Properly fitted diabetic shoes can prevent common issues such as ulcers, blisters, and other forms of skin breakdown.

You may at times feel overwhelmed in your shoe buying experience. However, there are always several shoes on the market that will fit all your necessary criteria, the only issue is finding them.

Steps To Find The Right Shoes For You:


  • Measure feet in the late afternoon/evening for a more accurate measurement
  • Find a shoe that matches the shape of your foot

Active & Sports

  • For sports, generally look for a solid-thick heel and a flexible forefoot
  • basketball shoes should provide extra ankle support
  • Soccer cleats need to provide proper arch support per foot type


  • Check with your doctor – shoes may be prescribed
  • Check if your medicare covers the costs of the shoes
  • Shoes should offer adequate space around the toe area
  • The roof of the shoe should be soft
  • The shoe or insert should provide appropriate foot support

Even with helpful tips like these the shoe buying experience can still be intimidating. That’s why at Advanced Foot and Ankle our foot and ankle specialists will help you in your shoe buying process.

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