How To Protect Your Athlete From Injury

Protect Your Athlete From Foot and Ankle Injuries

It’s almost Springtime, which means that kid’s sports will come back into play very shortly. We know every parent wants to protect their child as much as possible, so we have some tips and tricks to help support your kid as they head into sports season.

With all of the daily walking and movement, your ankles and feet are prone to wear-and-tear. This is why it’s important to make an appointment with your local podiatrist. Remember, athletes aren’t the only ones to experience shin splints, so make sure you are monitoring your conditions regardless of your age or activity level. At Advanced Foot & Ankle, we make quality health a top priority, if you find yourself with issues in your feet/ankles, call us to book an appointment at (615) 332-0330 or book online at

According to UCSF Health, there are 8 ways to help avoid injury as an athlete:

How To Avoid Injury:

  • Have your child go through warm up drills prior to playing. Lightly stretch or jog before a big game
  • Condition your muscles. Have your child practice and build up strength before heading into a match
  • Choose the correct athletic shoes. Ask your local podiatrist for the best shoes for your kid
  • Make sure their shoes are still in good condition. Replace old shoes with new ones
  • Avoid uneven ground. Be careful on rocky terrain or hills with loose gravel. When training for races, train on the surface you’ll eventually run on
  • Be careful when running uphill/downhill. Be careful when running downhill too fast
  • Prevent recurrent injuries. Your child may benefit from custom orthotics or braces
  • Teach your child to listen to their body. Show them it is okay to rest and recover after lots of activity

Children are easily influenced and shaped, that is why it is important to instill healthy habits in your young athletes before a big injury. Accidents can happen, and not everything is preventable, so if your kid is in need of a podiatrist, you know where to find us.