New Year, New Goals

New Year means new goals.

With 2021 arriving, we know many of our patients are starting to develop their personal goals as we tackle the New Year. 2020 was a year to behold and conquer, and we are so proud of everyone making it to the New Year! With a new year comes new dreams, goals, and ambitions. Nearly 40% of the US population makes it a priority to eat right and get fit in every year, but with exercise comes the chance of injury.

With more running, weightlifting, and more, your ankles and feet are prone to wear-and-tear. Which is why it’s important to make an appointment with your local podiatrist, and Advanced Foot & Ankle is here for you!

According to Best Life magazine, only 19% of people stick to their New Years goals. Here are some tips on how to stay on top of your resolutions!

How to help yourself stay focused:

  • Choose a specific goal.
    • The more specific, the easier it will be to attain by making specific steps.
  • Limit your resolutions!
    • Do this by focusing on one goal at a time.
  • Take time to plan.
  • Get an accountability partner!
    • You are 65% more likely to achieve a goal if you commit to it with someone else.

Although it’s not always easy to get started with your New Years Resolutions, we hope to have provided some good tips and tricks to get you excited about your new health journey.

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