January 2016 Newsletter

Franklin Road Academy Holiday Basketball Tournament

Treat Your Feet In The New Year

The start of the new year usually means resolutions to eat healthy, change bad habits, and – perhaps most often – exercise! However, going from zero to sixty might create issues. Stress fractures, in particular, can prevent you from meeting your new year goals. Read the full article for more info on how to detect, prevent, and treat stress fractures.

Here are several common instigators to be wary of:

  • Sudden increases in activity
  • Increase in exercise intensity
  • Poor conditioning
  • Exercising with improper technique

If you think you may already have a stress fracture or any other foot & ankle problem, be sure to schedule an appointment right away!

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afacc-franklin-road-academyAdvanced Foot & Ankle sponsored the Franklin Road Academy Holiday Classic basketball tournament this season. Congrats to Franklin Road Academy!