How To Care For Diabetic Feet

Although most of our audience has heard of the affects of diabetes, many are unaware of the toll it can take on not just your blood-sugar levels, but your nerves and limbs as well. Due to the sensitivity of insulin, your feet can start to lose feeling in their nerve endings. This can cause severe injuries down the road if it is ignored.

If you or anyone you know are a diabetic, then we want to inform you on how to better care for your diabetic feet.

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How to give your feet some proper tender love and care: 

  • Check both feet daily 
  • Wash your feet with warm water (not hot)
  • Be careful with impact exercise
  • Tell your doctor if you start to lose feeling in your feet
  • Wear shoes that fit

It’s important to know the signs & symptoms of diabetic feet, and our telephone’s are just one call away.