Are Your Toes Ready for Flip Flop Weather?

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With only a couple months left until spring arrives, now is the time to prepare your toenails for flip-flop season!

I know it may seem a little early to be counting down the days until warmer weather is here for good, and with your long (and constantly growing) “to-do” list, it’s easy to put “treating your toenail fungus” as a low-priority issue while you can still keep them hidden away in your closed-toed winter shoes. However, putting off treatment too long increases your chances of having your toenail fungus linger around into the summer months. This might not only cause a little discomfort and embarrassment socially (i.e. thick, yellow toenails are definitely not “IN” this year), but if a toenail fungus is left untreated, it can lead to pain and inflammation in your toes that may jeopardize your ability to walk comfortably.

What are the Common Symptoms of Toenail Fungus?

At first, toenail fungus may go unnoticed as it usually just starts out as a small white or yellow spot on the toenail.  However, this spot will eventually become larger and cause the toenail to become thickened and/or flaky and take on a discolored appearance (usually turning yellow or brownish). The longer a fungal toenail is left untreated, the higher the chance you will have fungal toenails (plural), as the fungus will eventually spread to surrounding toenails or even fingernails.

The top places where toenails are most vulnerable to fungi are damp areas where you are likely to be barefoot such as swimming pools, showers, gym locker rooms, and even nail salons!

How to Free Yourself From the Fungus:

Do these fungal toenail symptoms sound familiar? Don’t be embarrassed; you’re definitely not alone! It has been found that one in every three adults have, or will experience, toenail fungus by the time they reach the age of 50! What’s important is to start treatment NOW, as the sooner the treatment begins, the easier it is to clear the fungus. After having a podiatric physician determine the cause of the fungus, they will be able to form a suitable treatment plan, which may include topical antifungal treatments and/or oral medication.

These are not quick fixes, however, and usually take at least a couple months to return a toenail to good health.  If these more conservative treatments fail to clear up a pesky fungus, a simple nail debridement may be necessary to remove an infected nail.  Therefore, it is essential to start treatment sooner, rather than later, to increase the chances of ridding yourself of a nasty toenail fungus before sunny, 70-degree weather starts becoming the norm!

If you suspect toenail fungus is the cause for your unsightly toenails, fix them now while they’re still hidden away; make an appointment with Advanced Foot and Ankle Care Centers today.  Flip flop weather is right around the corner, don’t allow unhealthy toenails to keep you from enjoying it to the fullest!

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