It’s a Sunday morning, you wake up to the smell of apple cider, the air in your house is cooler, crisper, and somehow your blankets feel all the more cozy. What time of the year is it? FALL-LA-LA! If you enjoy Halloween, here are some costume ideas to ensure you and your kiddos are spooky as can be this year!

However, colder weather also means more achy joints! If this applies to you, or you have any other problems with your feet and ankles, call Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Centers at 615-332-0330.

Here are some fun suggestions for your kid’s Halloween costumes this fall:

  • We have to say, you can never go wrong with a skeleton costume. Painting their faces adds quality time to your life and they look spooky!
  • If you’re a patient of ours who’s recently had surgery for a broken ankle or foot, a great costume idea would be a mummy! Use your cast as a prop and make it fun, there is no doubt everyone will get a kick out of it.
  • Disney Princess, the classic, of course! Let your kid pick their favorite Disney costume, this is sure to get lots of  “oohs” and “awes”. Disney never goes out of style!
  • We might be biased, but grab a mini doctor’s coat and turn your kids into the youngest Doctor to ever complete medical school! Nothing is cuter than a kid with a heart for others.

These are just a few ideas to help you plan an outfit idea for this Spooky Season, but if your real bones have any trouble, you know where to find us!