Podiatrist’s Guide to Summer Footwear

At one point or another, we’ve all chosen stylish, cheap sandals over supportive ones. Unfortunately, that choice generally ends with blisters and foot pain. Stylish, supportive, and affordable summer footwear Read More >>

Winter Foot Care

As summer ends and temperatures drop, those of us who wish to remain active outdoors during the colder months need to: Wear shoes with good grip, integrity, & support Account for thicker-warmer socks Read More >>

The Right Shoes For You

Purchasing the proper shoes can be a frustrating process. Each person’s feet are unique and various differences in their feet can affect both fit and comfort. Sport specific shoes can Read More >>

Shoes: What to Look for

Ali Spangler asks some shoe specific questions of Dr. Retief. Watch the video and learn what types of characteristics to look for in your shoes. We’ll cover dress shoes, athletic Read More >>