September 2017 Newsletter

Cold Feet? It Might be PVD. When the extreme heat of summer in Tennessee begins to subside, and Starbucks announces the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, we know fall is upon us. Although the weather may still be warm, Read More >>

June 2017 Newsletter

Summer Ready Toenails With Tolcylen Summer is officially upon us! Blue skies and sunshine brings flip flops and sandals. The last thing you should have to worry about is thick, yellow, brittle toenails. If you suffer from fungal toenails, Tolcylen Read More >>

March 2017 Newsletter

Fungal-Free Toenails For Spring Everyone wants healthy, fungal-free toenails for the warmer months of the year. When we wear our sandals and flip-flops we want to feel confident – not embarrassed! To learn more about fungal toenail symptoms and treatments read Read More >>

November 2016 Newsletter

Winter Foot Care As summer ends and temperatures drop, those of us who wish to remain active outdoors need to take several things into consideration. For starters we need to: Wear shoes with good grip, integrity, & support Account for thicker-warmer socks when picking a shoe Read More >>

August 2016 Newsletter

The Right Shoes For You When it comes to buying shoes it’s easy to feel lost; everyone’s feet have their own set of characteristics that affect the fit and comfort of your shoes. Factor in performance or medical needs, like Read More >>

April 2016 Newsletter

As temperatures rise, we tend to want to go outside and get active. However, our feet and ankles can be more prone to stress and injury after winter inactivity. To avoid common injuries like ankle strain and shin splints, follow Read More >>

January 2016 Newsletter

Treat Your Feet In The New Year The start of the new year usually means resolutions to eat healthy, change bad habits, and – perhaps most often – exercise! However, going from zero to sixty might create issues. Stress fractures, Read More >>

Advanced Foot & Ankle Winter Newsletter

Winter Weather is (Still) Afoot You might have thought the worst of winter was behind you, but last week was one of the coldest in Tennessee history! When winter weather strikes (and strikes again…) sprains, fractures, and even breaks, are not Read More >>

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