Tips For Spring Foot Care

When the weather warms up, we often take our activities and exercises outside. After the winter lull, our feet and lower limbs become very susceptible to injury. If you’re currently starting a new workout regimen, or generally increasing your outdoor Read More >>

Myth Busting 101: The Broken Toe

Although we live in a world where everything is debatable and it’s nearly impossible to reach a unanimous agreement on anything, there’s one simple truth that is undisputed by all: there is nothing more painful than the unexpected stubbing of Read More >>

Barefeet Beware

It’s summertime, which means it’s prime season for bare foot strolls; whether it be around your backyard or down a sandy beach. Although there certainly is a liberating and nostalgic feeling about going au natural below the ankles, you might Read More >>

Get Your Feet Marathon Ready

Summer is the season for marathons (and half-marathons and countless charity 5k fun-run events). If you plan to participate, it’s time to get your feet in gear!  Right now – during your training – is the time to take care of Read More >>

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