What Shoes Should You Wear To a Music Festival?

best shoes for a music festival

Stylish & Supportive Festival Footwear

It’s festival season! But if you don’t want to Bonna-ruin your summer, you need to make sure you pack the right footwear.

Festivals are generally outdoors, can get very warm, and may be wet, dry, or somewhere in between. Additionally, you could be on your feet for quite some time. Proper footwear is a must!

Though your compatriots may be wearing the opposite of sensible shoes, there are plenty of reasonable options to keep your feet comfortable and protected without sacrificing style. Some of our podiatrists’ favorite shoe brands offer both the support and the style you need to get you through your next summer fest.

Breathable, Water Proof, and Supportive

Sandal options like the Birkenstock EVA are versatile enough to get you through sandy or muddy conditions. They’re water-friendly, flexible, and have good traction. And, they come in plenty of colors for both men and women.

Rain boots can be an option too, just make sure they’re designed to keep your feet comfortable and supported as well as dry. Look for sturdy rain boots with a slight heel, wide toe box, and arch support.

APMA Approved, Supportive, and Safe

Vionic makes APMA approved sandals, sneakers and shoes that will help you stand out and stand comfortably. Check out sandals and sneakers (and slippers for when you get home!) that meet the rigorous APMA Seal of Acceptance requirements for both women and men.

Crush Proof Closed Toe for the Crowds

Worried about leaving your toes unprotected? If you’re planning to push your way to the front for your favorite bands, you might want to consider closed toe shoes or boots.

For a rugged shoe (for men or women), try Topo’s Trailventure. For a sleeker sneaker, oofos has a variety of close toe options for men and women.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a dad shoe – whether you’re a dad, grandpa, or teenage girl, dad shoes are having a moment and many podiatrists are thrilled! Dad shoes tend to be very supportive and comfortable, while unmistakably on trend. Dad shoes can fit into many budgets, whether you’re sticking with a standard Nike Air Max 97 or impatiently waiting in line for the next Yeezy drop on the high end, or keeping it affordable with Asics, New Balance, or Adidas. Feeling ready for that upcoming summer fest? Hopefully you’ll find the right shoes for the job. If you want to make sure you’re making the right choice or want to supplement your shoes with custom orthotics, be sure to ask your podiatrist!

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