Benefits of Running on the Beach

woman running on the beach at dusk

While we don’t have much in the way of beaches in Middle Tennessee, many Tennesseans are still avid beach goers! It’s easy to see why – the beach is relaxing, and its soft sand is great for building sandcastles, watching children play, and an evening jog.

Besides providing a great view, did you know running on the beach has a number of health benefits? According to Running Addicted, here are some benefits of beach runs:

• You burn more calories than a regular run
• You get some Vitamin D from the sun
• It strengthens your body
• There is less harsh impact on your bones and joints
• It creates more endurance
• It strengthens weak ligaments

If you are a runner, grab a good pair of socks and tennis shoes, and hit the beach on your next coastal trip! When running on uneven surfaces like sand, it’s important to give your feet and ankles proper support. Not sure where to start? The podiatrists at Advanced Foot & Ankle can help you choose the right footwear for any occasion – including custom orthotics.

Thankfully, injury is much less likely on the beach. However, if you happen to step on a crab, get stung by a jellyfish, or face any other foot or ankle injuries, schedule an appointment at one of the Advanced Foot & Ankle of Middle Tennessee’s many locations.