Achy Breaky Fall

It’s officially the fall season, which means Sunday is game day! If you are a sports fanatic, we are sure that you didn’t miss Sunday’s achy breaky fall. Unfortunately, this past gameday for the Cowboys looked a little different for Dak Prescott, who took a blow to the ankle that left fans and the media in shock. Prescott was taken down by Giants safety Logan Ryan during the third quarter. It was obvious that Prescott was severely injured, as his ankle bone appeared to protrude inward. 

Prescott sustained an open fracture of his ankle, also known as a compound fracture. It occurs as the result of high energy trauma. This type of injury calls for immediate evaluation in the ER followed by prompt surgical intervention by a foot and ankle specialist. In addition to surgery, antibiotic therapy is necessary due to the exposure of bone to the external environment.

Open fractures are rare, but the foot and ankle are susceptible to a multitude of other, less extreme injuries. Some examples include closed fractures, contusions, sprains/strains, and tendonitis. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Centers here in Nashville, we treat ailments in both the feet and ankles with conservative and surgical approaches. If you have a problem that persists, please call us and book an appointment at 615-332-0330.