Diabetic Shoe Program

Medicare established the Diabetic footwear benefit to lower the incidence of diabetic foot complications such as ulceration and amputation in the diabetic population. Many private insurers will also approve diabetic shoes. Due to the preventive nature of this program, a patient may qualify for shoes and inserts without a history of any foot complications.

Your podiatric physician will examine your feet to determine whether you qualify for the diabetic shoe program. If you qualify, you may receive one pair of diabetic shoes per calendar year, and three pairs of custom insoles.

Diabetic shoes have improved greatly over the years, and are now available in tennis shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, in a wide variety of fashionable styles and colors.

These shoes can not only help to prevent the development of diabetic wounds, but can also help to improve foot function and reduce pain, due to the custom inserts that are supplied with the shoes.

Advantages with AFACC

  • The podiatric physicians and staff at Advanced Foot and Ankle Care will ensure a custom fit through precise measurements.
  • We will assist in your selection of shoes based on your foot type, and any pre-existing deformities or foot problems.
  • We can re-inspect your shoes and insoles during your periodic diabetic foot exams when necessary.
  • We will promptly return shoes that do not fit properly, for a replacement pair, to ensure that you receive the full benefits of your diabetic shoes and insoles.