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Our board certified podiatrists specialize in conservative and surgical treatments for conditions of the lower extremity. Your initial visit will consist of a full and detailed clinic evaluation of your condition to help us identify your specific diagnosis.

We look beyond focused area of symptoms in order to more comprehensively achieve a complete and expedient return to full function and activity. Learn more about Advanced Foot & Ankle >>
“Staff are all friendly, helpful and they offer convenient scheduling! Treatment was quick and effective!”

– E. Bantley

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Mythbusting 101: The Broken Toe

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         Although we live in a world where everything is debatable and it’s nearly impossible to reach a unanimous agreement on anything, there’s one simple truth that is undisputed by all: there is nothing more painful than the unexpected Read More >>

Why Your Shoes Are Probably the Wrong Size

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Has it been years (or even decades) since you’ve stepped on one of those metal foot measuring devices at the shoe store?  If so, we’ve got news for you—you’re most likely wearing the wrong size shoe.  Although we’re all painfully Read More >>

The Harms of Hiking On Your Feet

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For many outdoor enthusiasts, warm weather signals the start of hiking season! Hiking is a great way to spend time outdoors and get fit this fall. However, if you do plan on hitting the trails, make sure your feet are Read More >>

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