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At Advanced Foot & Ankle, our board certified podiatrists specialize in conservative and surgical treatments. We look beyond symptoms to return you to full function and activity as quickly as possible!

Your initial visit will consist of a full and detailed clinic evaluation of your condition to help us identify your specific diagnosis.

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August 2016 Newsletter

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The Right Shoes For You When it comes to buying shoes it’s easy to feel lost; everyone’s feet have their own set of characteristics that affect the fit and comfort of your shoes. Factor in performance or medical needs, like Read More >>

The Right Shoes For You

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Purchasing the proper shoes can be a frustrating process. Each person’s feet are unique and various differences in their feet can affect both fit and comfort. Sport specific shoes can help reduce injury and increase performance for athletes. Diabetic patients suffering Read More >>

April 2016 Newsletter

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As temperatures rise, we tend to want to go outside and get active. However, our feet and ankles can be more prone to stress and injury after winter inactivity. To avoid common injuries like ankle strain and shin splints, follow Read More >>

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