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Our board certified podiatrists specialize in conservative and surgical treatments for conditions of the lower extremity. Your initial visit will consist of a full and detailed clinic evaluation of your condition to help us identify your specific diagnosis.

We look beyond focused area of symptoms in order to more comprehensively achieve a complete and expedient return to full function and activity. Learn More About AFACC >>
“Staff are all friendly, helpful and they offer convenient scheduling! Treatment was quick and effective!”

– E. Bantley

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Cinderella Foot Surgeries: Fairytale or Frankenstein?

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The concept of women subjecting their feet to pain and suffering in the name of beauty is not a new one. In fact, this practice dates back to around the 10th century when the Chinese custom of footbinding started. Footbinding, Read More >>

Are Your Feet to Blame For Your Back Pain?

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Suffering from nagging back pains? You are not alone! Pain in the back is a very common concern, affecting up to 90% of Americans at some point during their lifetimes. Although this problem is very widespread, it should never be Read More >>

Get Your Feet Marathon Ready

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Summer is the season for marathons (and half-marathons and countless charity 5k fun-run events). If you plan to participate, it’s time to get your feet in gear!  Right now – during your training – is the time to take care of Read More >>

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